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About Yogi Divine Society Canada

Inspired by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamishri, a Saint who embodies true compassion and character. Yogi Divine Society (YDS) is an organization that contributes to the quality of life, integrity and upliftment of society. Yogi Divine Society is a non-profit religious organization based on the Hindu Swaminarayan faith; principles of brotherhood and social service. Under the inspirational guidance of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamishri, YDS works to benefit humanity, regardless of class, creed or religion.

Yogi Divine Society Canada is headquartered from Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir and Cultural Centre located in Mississauga, Ontario. Comprised entirely of volunteers, Yogi Divine Society conducts charitable activities for every walk of life.


Since its inception in Canada in 1988, Yogi Divine Society has been very active in the community. It is a non-profit Canadian Registered Charity. Yogi Divine Society operates the Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir and Cultural Centre located in Mississauga from where it services not only the local community but also has outreaches throughout Canada.

The Mandir serves as a community centre for the general public and it is here where all the programs are offered. For example, the facility is used for general public gatherings/meetings, recreational and cultural/arts, and various other support programs. Some of the other community support programs and social services offered are educational counseling, employment counseling services, relocation and settlement assistance, food drives, street clean up with the city, blood bank services, new immigrant adjustment counseling and assistance, and meals and temporary housing are provided for the less fortunate.

'Faith', 'Sect', Religion' - are terms always associated with the spiritual journey leading to the Supreme Godhead. Although seemingly different in their practices, all the religions of the world advocate similar principles for a revival of the spirit towards divinity. The Swaminarayan Faith is a remarkable blend of the spiritual essence of Hinduism with universal principles of other religions of the world.

The principle of a harmonious existence termed - 'Vasudaiv Kutambakam' in Hindu philosophy is akin to 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' - as advocated in The Bible. This vision is expressed as 'Suhradbhav' (Universal Brotherhood) in the Swaminarayan philosophy.

Swaminarayan Faith advocates - 'Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God' as the means of attaining the ultimate spiritual liberation. The absolute lack of discrimination between caste, color, creed or sect highlights the universal appeal of this Faith.

Lord Swaminarayan - the founder of this faith - has propagated a code of conduct based on a unique creed of spiritual principles that paves the path of the ultimate spiritual salvation and moulds the spirit towards divinity